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Home Depot Management on Hamilton Avenue Sucks BIG TIME!

Brooklyn, NY 11232

Mon-Sat: 6:00am-12:00am
Sun: 8:00am-10:00pm

Sunday night TV line up nothing special, let me go to Home Depot. Let’s see check hours on line, call store to see if there any changes or problems, all seems to be on track (the recording confirms the Internet information). So I headed on  over  and arrived   @8.30 pm.To find out that the store closes at 9.00pm No excuses no apologies, just the same bad attitude from employee & managers. As I was checking out @ 8.58 my cart was taken away by the manager(no cart outside of the store after 9) with nothing more to say to me he just walked out mumbling some choice adjective.(I think he called me a faggot– whatever gave him that impression?). I must add that the cashier that served me was somewhat apoligetic and really on my side and could not believe the behavior of management.  Being in the construction business I go to Home Depot quite a lot,  Iam used by now to being treated like dirt by Home Depot employee this goes especially for the Hamilton Ave &  the Nostrand Ave store.  The Northern BLD store in LIC is a bit better but the thieves roam the parking lot , so it is very unsafe to go and leave your car unattended.

© Frank H. Jump

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