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Richard McBee – P’s wife & Joseph’s

P's wife and Joseph © Richard McBee

Joseph sees himself © Richard McBee

Joseph Sees Himself by Richard McBee

The story of Joseph (Genesis 37 & 39) traces the maturation of a young foolish lad into a cunning manipulator who saves the Egyptian empire and facilitates the rescue of Jacob and his sons from the famine in Canaan, preparing for the eventual birth of the Jewish nation. Initially Joseph is sold by his jealous brothers into slavery and ends up as the personal attendant in the house of Potiphar, chief steward to Pharaoh. Potiphar’s wife desires the handsome lad and implores him to sleep with her. Many Jewish commentators say that Joseph almost succumbed to his lusty mistress. Some say as he was about to sin the only thing that stopped him was that he saw his own reflection in the window that miraculously became the image of his pious father, Jacob. Frustrated, Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of assaulting her and had him thrown into prison where he proved his ability at prophetic dream divination, paving his way into Pharaoh’s court.

And speaking of sins you can use this service before (or after) you sin as well:

Adventures In Redemption

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