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Il Monastero – Ora Pro Nobis

Cascina il Monastero, Castagnole Piemonte,To.© Vincenzo Aiosa

La Cascina il Monastero with its towering Cappella Dell’Assunta, built around the 1100ds was a female Monastery for a couple of hundred years, after that they became more cloistered and the nuns moved to a location in Chieri, Part of the farm with its land was still owned by the church till the late 70s the Monastery part is owned by a very dear friend of mine Professoressa Boccardo. During 1979 -1983 I have done extensive renovation work in the monastery part of the building in particular way I restored the vaulted ceiling of what used to be the mess hall, hand scraped or pulled and finished the wooden floor. Unfortunately the deteriorating health and advanced age of La Professoressa the building has gone in to some disrepair.

San Rocco Castagnole Piemonte TO © Vincenzo Aiosa

Castagnole Piemonte Torino, Ora Pro Nobis (pray for us) or devotional plaques ©Vincenzo Aiosa

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