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More Art From Richard McBee

Sodom © Richard Mcbee

Lot and his daughter after Corot © Richard McBee

Lot and his daughters: hop on pop © Richard McBee

When God decided to destroy Sodom because of its wickedness he sent an angel to save Lot (Abraham’s nephew) and his family. As they fled the destruction of Sodom and the cities of the Plain, Lot’s wife disobeyed the angel’s command and turned back to look at the city; she was turned into a pillar of salt. Once Lot and his two daughters were safe they surmised that the entire inhabited world was destroyed and that there was no one to carry on the human race. Determined to get pregnant, they got their father drunk and, the older sister one night and then the younger sister the next night, each had sex with him. The younger sister give birth to the ancestor of the Ammonites and the older sister give birth to the ancestor of the Moabites from whom Ruth and the House of David descended. (Genesis 18: 16 – 33; 19: 1 – 38)

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