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From Blond to Bold – Artist, Richard McBee

Richard Carl McBee's first hair cut 1948 © Richard McBee

Richard Carl McBee's passport 70's © Richard McBee

Pinchas by Richard McBee

The Israelites started whoring with the Midianite women in the wilderness and worshiping their idols. God sends a plague on the Israelites. Zimri, a prince of the tribe of Simon, took a Midianite woman, Cozbi, and brazenly fornicated with her in front of the Tent of Meeting (the holiest place containing the Ark of the Covenant). Moses and the leaders didn’t know what to do. Pinchas, grandson of Aaron the Priest, suddenly appears and spears them both through the genitals, stopping their sinful act. The plague is stopped and the Israelites are saved. That’s the story in the Bible. – McBee

Richard McBee was born in 1947 in New York City. He studied painting at the Art Students League of New York with Jean Liberte and Edward Melcarth. His early works were figurative narratives concentrating on the Bible. Since 1976 he has painted subject matter exclusively from the Torah and Jewish history. In addition to paintings he has also made many figurative relief sculptures, monotypes, unique ceramic menorahs and other Judaica.

From 1976 to 1987 he was active in the Alliance of Figurative Artists, a group of artists that met weekly at the Educational Alliance on the Lower East Side. He was their Program Director in 1983. In 1991 he helped create the American Guild of Judaic Art (an educational and trade association of artists engaged in Jewish Art; see jewishart.org). McBee developed the Jewish Art Forum in 1996 and 1997. This series of free slide lectures in the New York area was given by guest artists and experts in the field of Jewish Art.

Since May 2000 he has written a weekly critical review column in The Jewish Press. His artwork is in many private collections throughout the country.

I was introduced to Richard McBee by a client  a few years back. After a couple of renovations and several conversations about art and religion, we have become friends ever since. I admire him as an artist and cherish his friendship, as I do his wife Phoebe.

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