DC Butt Shots, other tails & beyond

Rosaria, Enzo, Frank Washington DC 2009 © Barbara Snow

Walking  our tired asses back to the car after sightseeing all day the day after walking the Equality March.

Rosaria with a hot DC Police Officer © Vincenzo Aiosa

Rosaria with a Metro DC Police Officer (and a nice piece of ass)!

Tail is very powerful.  Especially since a hot piece of derriere can send entire professional and political careers  one way down the proverbial tubes. People pay for ass all the time and even when there is no exchange of currency, someone still pays – one way or another.  (i.e. William Jefferson Clinton ; Tiger Woods ; John Edwards)

Asian NYU Student @ Aristotelis Park. Queens NY, Vincenzo Aiosa

Bowling Green Biker Butt © Vincenzo Aiosa

Everything looks better when it sits on a Ritz © Vincenzo Aiosa

Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down - Jersey City, NJ © Vincenzo Aiosa

Previously posted on Fading Ad Blog: Time to Tighten Our Belts

Wyckoff House, Brooklyn © Vincenzo Aiosa

Wyckoff House, Brooklyn © Vincenzo Aiosa

Wyckoff House, Brooklyn © Vincenzo Aiosa

More butt shots to come!

  1. January 18, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    And I was wondering HOW to spend Martin Luther King Day 2010!

    Not anymore: I am going out into the world and LOOK HARD for some ass! THANK YOU!


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