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Tribute to My Grandma Schimmenti Rosaria – Cleveland, OH

Schimmenti Rosaria April 11, 1907 - November 3, 1985

An homage for Nonna Rosaria Schimmenti

When ever I think of my grandma I cannot help but feeling sadness, in part because I miss her to this day sadly she passed away 24 years ago. I have bits and pieces of information about her infancy in her native Cleveland, Ohio. This is what I think is to be true some of these facts have been told to me by grandma, some by a distant cousin in Cleveland and the rest is just put together by pure conjecture.

Grandma was born in April of 1907 in Cleveland Ohio her father was Rosario Schimmenti and Maria ? Schimmenti, her mother died in 1910 (child birth?) leaving Grandma and her father alone in order to care for her Rosario married Maria? Bellomo a widow with several older children Still disillusioned and saddened by his first wife death in 1914 as Italy gets ready to fight the biggest conflict of its time .

Rosario decides to leave to return to his native Polizzi Generosa  (Palermo) .  Grandma always tell me that she did not want to leave Cleveland but girls had to shut up and listen in those days as for Mrs Bellomo. Grandma use to refer to her as a Santa Fimmina (holy woman).

Whether she was really grateful to her for having saved her from living without a mother or whether she was being sarcastic we will never really know every thing about those days was shrouded in mystery.

SO if you know more about this please don’t  hesitate to comment.

Guarino Little Italy Cleveland Oh. © Vincenzo Aiosa

Guarino Restaurant, established  in 1918, still serving great Italian food today@ 12309  Mayfield Rd.

My grandmother, according to some Internet findings, was born or lived on or around E 124th Place.

Mayfield Theatre

Mayfield Theatre © Vincenzo Aiosa

© Frank H. Jump

The Mayfield Theater opened in 1923. It is now abandoned looking from the outside, but the owner is cleaning up on the inside. Cinema Treasures

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

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  1. Bruno anna maria
    August 24, 2012 at 6:52 am

    The mother of my grand father , Philippine Schemmenti, came from Polizzi Generosa to Tunisia( I don’t know when exactly, may be 1903/04); she lived at Hammam lif, married in 1905, she was 14 years old. I make research about my ancesters, who came from Sicilia, in Palermo provincia. Sorry, I have a very bad english; I’m French , I live in Paris. May be we are cousins or else.

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