Letter from Governor-Elect Tom Wolf

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Vincenzo —

I’m about to go on stage in my hometown of York, but I wanted to thank you first.

As I traveled all across Pennsylvania during this campaign, I was amazed at the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm put forth by supporters like you to encourage others to participate in our democracy.

You made this campaign about more than electing me — you made it about people coming together to improve our schools, our neighborhoods, and our state.

Throughout my life, I’ve found that the only way to get things done right is to listen, to treat people fairly, and to include everyone in the process. It’s that kind of collaboration that allowed me to turn my former business around, and it’s the approach we need to take to bring about the bright future this great commonwealth deserves.

Governor Tom Corbett, Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, and their many supporters deserve our respect and admiration for running a campaign focused on the issues. While we may disagree on ideology, we all agree that Pennsylvania’s best days are ahead of us.

I hope you keep your passion for Pennsylvania alive by continuing to connect with residents all across our commonwealth. In the days and weeks ahead, I urge you to reach out to your neighbors — especially those who didn’t support this campaign — and ask them what you can do together to improve your community.

The conversations you have may surprise you.

If we’re going to fund a world-class public education system, create family-sustaining jobs, bring about fairness and equality under the law, provide access to affordable health care, build safe communities, and keep Pennsylvania beautiful, it’s going to take all of us doing our part.

Democracy requires healthy debates, but our duty to Pennsylvania requires that we listen, that we roll up our sleeves, and that we come together to do what is right.

As your governor, I’ll be there working with you — and I can’t wait to see what we do together to help give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

Thank you so much,

Tom Wolf

One Year Later: Thriving No More.

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The Thrive Movement are Born Agains in disguise.

Thrive Debunked

By Muertos

Today, November 11, 2012, is the one-year anniversary of the initial release of the conspiracy theory movie Thrive. The film’s first birthday is, I think, an appropriate time to evaluate the film’s impact on the conspiracy underground and its continuing viability, as well as an assessment of our own efforts on this blog to correct and rebut the film. You might say that this article is a “postmortem” of Thrive, and that characterization wouldn’t be inaccurate. If the movie was intended to create a “new paradigm” or “wake people up,” it seems clear that Thrive has failed to do this on any significant scale. The main argument of this article is that, one year on, Thrive is “thriving” no more.

Thrive’s Declining Popularity: The Empirical Proof.

There is no doubt that Thrive is declining in popularity, and the numbers prove it. According to the website traffic…

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Not only did Verizon lie to me about providing Highspeed Internet speed, they didn’t even provide FIOS in our neighborhood. After an exorbitant two-year contract (written in blood) I changed back to Cablevision and was hit with early cancellation fees. Cablevision agreed to pay up to $300 of these fees. I started making partial online payments to both DIRECTV and Verizon after canceling my service with them.  DIRECTV claims Verizon bundled my balance with their website and still tried to collect from me separately. Verizon also held my phone number hostage so Cablevision couldn’t “port” the number and so Verizon could keep charging me. After receiving a final bill from Verizon after the finally released my phone number to Cablevision, I was reported to a collections agency for an incorrect amount over five dollars in their favor. Now I am paid in full with both companies, DIRECTV refuses to write off the bundled balance (I call it bungled balance). DON’T USE EITHER VERIZON OR DIRECTV. Liars and thieves!

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DON’T BUY VIZIO LCD TV (rotten to the core)

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After three years, the unit won’t turn on. Vizio customer service refers you to an 800 number that charges half of what the TV was purchased for to repair.


See consumer complaint website about VIZIO.

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Vita Pastorale /Pastoral Life

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Vita Pastorale February 2011 cover

Close-up of my image used in article about Saint Joseph Cafasso

Full page one of article

Thank you card from editor

Deepest thanks for the precious collaboration. I also bring greetings and thanks from Father Giuliano Censi and our most cordial greetings.

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Don’t Chain Your Bike To My Fence Or I’ll………

April 4, 2010 3 comments

Locked Bike N.Y.C. ©Vincenzo Aiosa

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Home Depot Management on Hamilton Avenue Sucks BIG TIME!

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Brooklyn, NY 11232

Mon-Sat: 6:00am-12:00am
Sun: 8:00am-10:00pm

Sunday night TV line up nothing special, let me go to Home Depot. Let’s see check hours on line, call store to see if there any changes or problems, all seems to be on track (the recording confirms the Internet information). So I headed on  over  and arrived   @8.30 pm.To find out that the store closes at 9.00pm No excuses no apologies, just the same bad attitude from employee & managers. As I was checking out @ 8.58 my cart was taken away by the manager(no cart outside of the store after 9) with nothing more to say to me he just walked out mumbling some choice adjective.(I think he called me a faggot– whatever gave him that impression?). I must add that the cashier that served me was somewhat apoligetic and really on my side and could not believe the behavior of management.  Being in the construction business I go to Home Depot quite a lot,  Iam used by now to being treated like dirt by Home Depot employee this goes especially for the Hamilton Ave &  the Nostrand Ave store.  The Northern BLD store in LIC is a bit better but the thieves roam the parking lot , so it is very unsafe to go and leave your car unattended.

© Frank H. Jump

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