One Year Later: Thriving No More.

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The Thrive Movement are Born Agains in disguise.

Originally posted on Thrive Debunked:

By Muertos

Today, November 11, 2012, is the one-year anniversary of the initial release of the conspiracy theory movie Thrive. The film’s first birthday is, I think, an appropriate time to evaluate the film’s impact on the conspiracy underground and its continuing viability, as well as an assessment of our own efforts on this blog to correct and rebut the film. You might say that this article is a “postmortem” of Thrive, and that characterization wouldn’t be inaccurate. If the movie was intended to create a “new paradigm” or “wake people up,” it seems clear that Thrive has failed to do this on any significant scale. The main argument of this article is that, one year on, Thrive is “thriving” no more.

Thrive’s Declining Popularity: The Empirical Proof.

There is no doubt that Thrive is declining in popularity, and the numbers prove it. According to the website traffic…

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Not only did Verizon lie to me about providing Highspeed Internet speed, they didn’t even provide FIOS in our neighborhood. After an exorbitant two-year contract (written in blood) I changed back to Cablevision and was hit with early cancellation fees. Cablevision agreed to pay up to $300 of these fees. I started making partial online payments to both DIRECTV and Verizon after canceling my service with them.  DIRECTV claims Verizon bundled my balance with their website and still tried to collect from me separately. Verizon also held my phone number hostage so Cablevision couldn’t “port” the number and so Verizon could keep charging me. After receiving a final bill from Verizon after the finally released my phone number to Cablevision, I was reported to a collections agency for an incorrect amount over five dollars in their favor. Now I am paid in full with both companies, DIRECTV refuses to write off the bundled balance (I call it bungled balance). DON’T USE EITHER VERIZON OR DIRECTV. Liars and thieves!

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DON’T BUY VIZIO LCD TV (rotten to the core)

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After three years, the unit won’t turn on. Vizio customer service refers you to an 800 number that charges half of what the TV was purchased for to repair.


See consumer complaint website about VIZIO.

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Vita Pastorale /Pastoral Life

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Vita Pastorale February 2011 cover

Close-up of my image used in article about Saint Joseph Cafasso

Full page one of article

Thank you card from editor

Deepest thanks for the precious collaboration. I also bring greetings and thanks from Father Giuliano Censi and our most cordial greetings.

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Don’t Chain Your Bike To My Fence Or I’ll………

April 4, 2010 3 comments

Locked Bike N.Y.C. ©Vincenzo Aiosa

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Home Depot Management on Hamilton Avenue Sucks BIG TIME!

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Brooklyn, NY 11232

Mon-Sat: 6:00am-12:00am
Sun: 8:00am-10:00pm

Sunday night TV line up nothing special, let me go to Home Depot. Let’s see check hours on line, call store to see if there any changes or problems, all seems to be on track (the recording confirms the Internet information). So I headed on  over  and arrived   @8.30 pm.To find out that the store closes at 9.00pm No excuses no apologies, just the same bad attitude from employee & managers. As I was checking out @ 8.58 my cart was taken away by the manager(no cart outside of the store after 9) with nothing more to say to me he just walked out mumbling some choice adjective.(I think he called me a faggot- whatever gave him that impression?). I must add that the cashier that served me was somewhat apoligetic and really on my side and could not believe the behavior of management.  Being in the construction business I go to Home Depot quite a lot,  Iam used by now to being treated like dirt by Home Depot employee this goes especially for the Hamilton Ave &  the Nostrand Ave store.  The Northern BLD store in LIC is a bit better but the thieves roam the parking lot , so it is very unsafe to go and leave your car unattended.

© Frank H. Jump

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Rotten To The Core – Lemmy’s Arrest

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Our friend and  house guest from England,  Lemmy Caution retold his horrific experience of 1999

Lemmy’s Arrest…

…what follows is the sorry tale of Lemmy’s arrest and subsequent trial during the s-s-sweltering summer of 1999 in New York City. It speaks of crime and negligence and how these are played out on a routine, everyday basis …it exposes c-c-corruption and a casual disregard for law…it contains truths that some would prefer to remain hidden…

…so it goes that during the summer of 99, Lemmy was walking back from his good friend Eddie Constant’s place in the East Village and decided to cut across town to take the A train uptown. When Lemmy arrived at the station and swiped his ticket the turn-style jammed and so he swiped it again and then again. Seeing that other people had decided to jump over, Lemmy did the same. Less than a minute after he had done so Lemmy was accosted by two guys who pressed him against the wall and demanded to know who the hell he was and what the hell he thought he was doing. Admittedly, Lemmy couldn’t resist telling them he was King Tut but even so it seemed that it was with indecent haste that Lemmy was cuffed in chains and thrown in the back of a Police Car. A Hispanic guy called Ernesto was already in there and also handcuffed. Then the cops t-t-turned to Lemmy and his fellow con and asked if we knew of any criminal activity in the area. This being near Washington Square, Ernesto gestured to the various guys lined up on the corner and sarcastically said “yeah, he’s a dealer, the one next to him is dealer, so’s the one next to him as well…in fact they’re all dealers” . The cop replied “tell us something we don’t know” to which Ernesto said “well you asked”. But the cops obviously couldn’t be bothered or were being paid off to look the other way and so Lemmy and Ernesto were driven down to Chinatown and thrown in some jail near Canal St.

Then the fun really started…

My Prison Lemmy Caution

…the initial booking was meant to be done by the two cops that arrested us…but by some once in a lifetime miracle the computer was down…which meant that Lemmy couldn’t be processed and also meant that Lemmy’s name couldn’t be run through the computer and checked against the database of known felons on the run. Thus by some equally miraculous co-incidence , this meant that the arresting cops couldn’t go back out on the streets to continue  their work policing the city and making it a safer place but were instead forced to stay inside and play cards and drink coffee for the entire duration of their shift. Eight hours later at the end of their shift when it was time to go home rather than go back out and work the streets, the computer miraculously started working again. Lemmy was in awe about how an inanimate machine could be so considerate as to not to work for the precise duration of their shift—meaning they had to stick around the jails playing cards while they waited for it get back online rather than pounding the streets—and how at the very moment they were due to go home it started working again..

…but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there is still much to be t-t-told about Lemmy’s initial hours banged up in the can…

…first off, it is important to note that Lemmy had a valid ticket and had already told the cops as much at the station. “Go ahead, check it you’ll see it’s valid but the turnstile doesn’t work” But the cops weren’t interested in Lemmy’s ticket or whether it was valid and just wanted to cuff him and get him into the car so that they could take him down to the jail and get on with their card game. The ticked was confiscated with Lemmy’s other stuff…then as he languished in the cell he started getting b-b-bored after a couple of hours and so started to speak loudly to Ernesto by recounting the plot of Kafka’s Trial and how it was funny that the country’s values on freedom were so easily undermined by a bunch of lazy cops and how this wouldn’t happen in Lemmy’s country as the cops were professionals who went about their business in a thorough and systematic manner. Of course Lemmy wasn’t really talking so much to Ernesto (tho he became quite interested in how Kafka’s Trial ended) but was really talking to the cops in the corner playing cards, who he could see were getting distracted from their game until one came over to Lemmy’s cell and started chewing off Lemmy’s ear about how cops in England all secretly carry guns and that Lemmy should be grateful as New York was so much safer now than in the 80s because of the work the cops were doing. Lemmy said that the only danger he’d ever been in while in New York is from lazy cops and that he certainly didn’t feel safer knowing they were playing cards and making up false arrests rather than getting their ass out onto the street. This seemed to rile one of the other cops who came up to Lemmy to ask “what his problem was” to which Lemmy replied that his “problem” was that he had a valid ticket and had now been banged up for nearly 8 hours. “What the fuck do I care about that” came back the answer…

James Cagney

Lemmy imagined himself as Jimmy Cagney as he pressed his face up to the c-c-cold metal bars of his cell


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